River Grill




The Syracuse Suds Factory was established in 1992. We first opened for business January 17, 1993 from then till now we have gone through many changes. From the opening, to serving the first commercially brewed beer in Syracuse- April 17th 1993. The last commercial brewer stopped brewing in 1962. We have forged thousands of friendships along the way, contributed to marriages (probably some breakups as well), changed locations from 210 W. Water St. to 320 S. Clinton St., have had the longest running Jazz Happy Hour still going today (Every Wednesday from 5pm-9pm). All that time trying to stay committed to the idea of bring good quality foods and beverages at a reasonable price. (It hasn’t been easy!) Who knew during that journey I would have the idea to open another place (like one wasn’t enough!) but, I had this notion for doing something by the water. So back in 2004 a friend brought me to Baldwinsville and showed me a shell of a building. Most people when they looked at it said I was crazy but I saw potential. I envisioned a place that would have something for everyone. As I started building, the new vision I saw, was a place that could fit almost every bill. I wanted to open a place that had a little higher end for dinners; was geared towards quality food and drinks but do something most were not. I wanted everyone to feel comfortable and special.

This project has taken close to 8yrs to complete. The numbers of reasons are plentiful, but probably the one that I hold closest to me is called life. I have done all the construction work myself with the help of one other employee (Mike). I have had a few trades come in and a contractor or two, but; the majority of the work was done by two people. The real fact is I would not have been able to complete this task with out the support of my family and friends, especially Patty and the staff of the Syracuse Suds Factory. During this 8 year Journey I have lost some very close family members, My parents- Dr. and Mrs. John Bentinck-Smith., who have supported me in everything I have done, William “Red” Sheridan, and Norman R. Soine. They will be missed but not forgotten. (This one’s for you!)

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Village and Community of Baldwinsville. From the beginning they have been very supportive, and have helped me move in a forward direction. It has not been without its obstacles (mainly just one) but with the help of the Village and the rest of the community we have been able to move forward and are looking to be a contributing member of this wonderful community.

If there is anything that we can do for you please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your patronage,

Alan B-Smith